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"The decision to get a pet was made very excitedly.  However, after the first couple of days we realized we were very ill-equipped for a puppy in our busy  lives.  We were constantly yelling, getting angry and questioning whether we made the right decision.  We contacted Michelle.  She alleviated our fears regarding his breed.  Her immense comfort level with him reassured us.  She is very intuitive of family dynamics and allowed us to set a pace and to create the training environment that was most conducive to us.  She includes all family members in the training process and is very supportive.  Coconut has found a friend for life and so have we.  Our affection for him was always there but our connection to him has definitely grown as a result of the training sessions with Michelle.  "
- Ashwina M.

"Working with Michelle was such a fun, rewarding experience for both my dog, Sadie and me.  The first time I met Michelle I knew we had found the right trainer for us.  Training was fun and exciting and Sadie caught on quickly  - unlike our experience with loud correction and chain jerking.  Sadie's behavior has improved significantly!  At 3 years old, she has learned her manners, walks nicely on her leash and has less anxiety.  I'd highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to learn how to make training fun and successful!"
- Patti D. 

"I would highly recommend Your Mannerly Mutt.  Michelle was so patient with both my dog and myself.  She always made sure Brindy knew how to do something and then taught me.  Michelle was always encouraging me to keep trying and weekly email check-ins really helped!"
- June P.

"Michelle completely understands dogs!  She has the presence, skills and knowledge to train any dog.  Her tips and ideas were awesome!  My whole family enjoyed Michelle and the training process!
- Nicole C.


"With Michelle's help we're learning how to manage our crazy dog.  Her creativity, flexibility, knowledge and passion for animals makes her an unparalleled trainer!  I would definitely recommend her to help with your crazy dog problems."
- Brooke M.

"When we brought our dog Honey home from the shelter, we knew we were in for a lot of work - but we didn't know HOW much.Michelle gave us personal treatment.  She came into our home (and hearts) and taught us how to create the boundaries Honey needed to learn the rules using love, trust, play, one word commands, consistency and best of all, yummy snacks!  Honey is now a great ambassador for her breed!" 
- Nancy H.
"When you meet Michelle for the first time, you can see that she is a great lover of animals. It is this deep love that comes through in her training, and it allows her to form a special bond with her students, both human and canine." 
- Ellie H.
"Michelle Introduced Rocky and me to Clicker Training, a far cry from the "praise and punish" obedience training of my youth and success does not begin to describe the results!  Michelle was patient, kind and persistent.  She was always there to answer questions and help solve the myriad of problems that arise in training a new puppy.  Rocky got his CGC on the first attempt, has gone on to trial in agility and is a fixture in my therapy practice.  Thanks so much!" 
- Penny L.

"Michelle is incredibly skilled and unfailingly positive in her approach to training.  Our puppy fell in love with her at first meeting and learned his lessons so fast!  I especially appreciated Michelle's ability to teach me how to put the training into practice and her encouragement and good humor.  She makes the training process fun for dog and owner alike."
- Shobhi K.

"Michelle has made a huge difference in my family's life.  In addition to learning basic commands and manners, we had some pre-existing obstacles to over-come with Rudy.  Rudy is a big dog and likes to play rough.  With time and patience, Michelle helped us to achieve our goals. What sets Michelle apart from other trainers is that she cares deeply for each animal she works with and develops a bond with not only that pet but with each member of the family, fur and non-fur members included." 
- Christi P.
"Having only had Dachshunds my entire life, this wild and crazy jumping Jack was entry into a whole new world for me.  I knew I'd have my work cut out for me, but with Michelle's help I was up for the challenge.  Michelle was TERRIFIC with him!  He immediately fell in love with her.  Michelle managed to give me the confidence and courage to take on this little wild man.  I have a lot a patience, but she has even more.  Magic is now a Canine Good Citizen and Flyball champ!"
- Edie W.
"In June I gave birth to a baby girl.  Everyone wanted to come over to see the baby.  This lead us to realize our dog was out of control.  We had two choices - either we needed a trainer or Magic needed a new home.  A few weeks into our training I began to notice a change in Magic. She actually behaved and listened to commands!  Our baby is now 10 months old and loves to play on the floor. Without Michelle this would never have been possible.  Michelle provided us with the tools that we continue to use, that have turned us into better owners for Magic.  For this our family and Magic are truly grateful!" 
- Angelina V.
"Michelle is an excellent trainer.  She did a wonderful job!  We were amazed at how well Maggie listened to everything and followed through.  We are very happy with the outcome of our training and highly recommend Michelle' s professional and caring services." 
- Noreen S.
"It was a pleasure working with Michelle.Her skill with dogs is obvious and just following her example in working with Oliver was as valuable as the individual lessons.  Michelle also did a great job working with my 11 year old son, involving him and making him a responsible partner in the process.  Thanks Michelle!" 
- Cindy W.

Our son had to relocate for a job and could not take Lacey with him so we hired Michelle to come to our home to not only train Lacey, but to train us!  Michelle patiently worked with us and couldn't stress more the importance of practicing each day from the homework she gave us weekly.  Michelle is not only a dedicated, well knowledgeable trainer, but also, she truly loves dogs.  Although it was a struggle for us in the beginning being an older couple to handle Lacey, we could not have done it without Michelle's dedicated training and constant reinforcements.  Lacey has become a lovable, social and wonderful part of our family - thanks to Michelle!
- Diane D.

In all the years of having dogs I have never used a professional trainer and was so happy to have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Michelle.  Shadow was a biter when Michelle arrived and my arms were covered with marks. They are now clear.  Shadow responded very well and Michelle was very patient and helpful.  I believe anyone who wants or needs to have this experience would be very lucky to have her as a trainer.  Thanks again Michelle! 
- Cathy M.
Trying to train one dog can be a handful but I have two very active dogs.  Michelle has such a focus on what needs have to be addressed and sets about putting a plan in motion to help you on a path for success.  Not only have my two dogs been touched by her kind and gentle manner but her knowledge on training amazes me.  Jake and Bella are better pooches because of her! 
- Zita B.
 Jake Bella


Your Mannerly Mutt
Your Mannerly Mutt Your Mannerly Mutt
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